Photo Finished Not Available

I ordered Photo Finished by Laura Childs from the Sony eBookstore, and downloaded it, and opened it, and lo and behold it wasn’t Photo Finished. It was Tabor Evan’s Longarm???!!! I was very disappointed. I contacted Sony, and they told me they would open a work order for the “content division” who would notify me when the content have been corrected and I could download the correction. So, I am out the $5.99 for a book I don’t want and disappointed that I don’t have Photo Finished. I don’t want to get it someplace else and pay for it twice, but it has been a week, and I have heard nothing so far.

I think I am going to move to Madelyn Alt’s newest book for the Cozy Challenge while I wait for this to be corrected. I hope they hurry!

Happy Reading!



Filed under Cozy Mystery, Cozy Mystery Challenge 2010, Reading for Fun

2 responses to “Photo Finished Not Available

  1. oh no..this totally sucks. I hope they surprise you and fix the issue.

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