Photo Finished by Laura Childs (finally!)

While reviewing my account recently, I saw that the Sony eReader Bookstore had finally fixed Laura Child’s Photo Finished (depite not having notified me). So, I immediately downloaded it and put it in my Unread file. Last week, I got to read it, and I really enjoyed it. Readers of my blog might remember that I did not particularly like the first in this series, despite my high expectations since I love scrapbooking and Laura Childs is a best selling author. So, when this book wasn’t available and I had received my refund, I really put it out of my mind, not expecting much. It has simply been a book I picked up for the Cozy Mystery Challenge.

I tell you all this as a preface to, wait for it, I LOVED Photo Finished. I was very glad I eventually returned to it. And, I am very glad I read it.

Photo Finished  is the second in the Scrapbooking Mystery series. The author’s website describes the books as follows: What could be more fun than an all-night crop at Carmela’s scrapbooking shop?  As ideas on rubber stamping, hand-tinting photos, and decorating album covers are shared, scrapbookers also help themselves to hurricane rum drinks, jambalaya, and homemade praline pie.  Spirits run high and the soft New Orleans night buzzes with excitement.  But when Bartholomew Hayward, the shady antique dealer from next door, is found sprawled in the back alley with a scissors jammed in his neck, it looks like the work of a very crafty killer.

This book did not do what I really didn’t like in the first, which is focus more on New Orleans and Mardi Gras rather than scrapbooking. It did still focus a lot on food, and it includes several recipes in the back, but since I like food mysteries, that didn’t put me off as much as did in book one. Instead, this book really focused on the scrapbookers and the murder mystery. It was a super quick read with many funny moments. I will actively read the next one!

Happy Reading!


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