Book 19: Gulliver’s Travels

Book 19 of the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die is Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. I have read the book 4 times (1 in high school / 2 in college as an undergrad / 1 recently reread for this challenge). It is available for free online in a variety of places, including Project Gutenberg and GoogleBooks. Because so many people have written so much about this book, I am not even going to try. Instead, I am going to offer a different sort of blog today. Here are some interesting sites (in no particular order) on Gulliver’s Travels.

Cummings Study Guide: There are many study guides available for GT on the internet from Cliff Notes to Spark Notes to eNotes. But, this one is complete and free. This site works well for the beginning reader. Similar to the study guide above, this site has all you need to know for an introduction to GT, including a nice overview, an author biography, critical essays, a good bibliography, and suggestions for further reading.

Review of Gulliver’s Travels: This site from associated content has an overview of the book but at the bottom of the page, it has links to articles about specific things in the book, such as sexual frustration, satire, comparison to A Modest Proposal, etc. These articles are very interesting.

Swift’s Moral Satire: This site is an essay devoted to an overview of the satire in the book. It explains a lot. It also has a great bibliography.

Paper Starter: This site has a list of possible thesis statements for essays about GT, as well as a list of more important quotes from the book that should be used in good students essays.

Lesson Plan Library: For those familiar with the book and or those planning to teach it, the Discovery Channel’s lesson plan library has many resources about Gulliver’s Travels, including discussion questions and activities for using GT across the curriculum. However, not all links for this site are current.

While looking at these sites, I also learned that a new Gulliver’s Travels movie is expected out this year with Jack Black and Amanda Peet. The movie is scheduled to be released in December and is listed as an adventure / comedy. It is apparently also in 3D.

Happy Reading (and Watching)–


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