Alice Kimberly’s The Ghost and The Dead Man’s Library

Like most of my books, I purchased and downloaded this book to my Sony eReader. The Ghost and the Dead Man’s Library is Book 3 in the Haunted Bookshop Mystery series by Alice Kimberly.

Book Description: Jack Shepard didn’t have much use for books when he was alive. Now that he’s dead, he has even less interest in the crate of dusty old tomes that arrive at the bookshop he’s been haunting. Penelope, on the other hand, is thrilled with the delivery. The rare old Poe library was willed to her shop by an elderly admirer of her aunt Sadie’s. The dead man’s library is so valuable that Pen is inundated with astronomical offers for every volume in the set. Everything appears rosy, until Pen begins to sell the books, one by one…and one by one each buyer dies. The police don’t believe Pen’s theory—that these deaths are linked to the rare book purchases. In fact, the police don’t believe these deaths are murders at all. Pen, of course, knows differently, which means it’s time to persuade her hard-boiled haunter to stop resting in peace, start cracking some clues, and make sure this twisted Poe freak kills…nevermore.

(An excerpt is also available on the author’s website)

I have been reading this series for the cozy mystery challenge. This particular installment was very interesting since I am a Poe fan. For one who has read Poe’s works, this book provided many references and illusions that caught my attention and my interest.

In a very Davinci Code-ish way, this series grabs the reader and pulls her along as we try to determine if the Poe code is real and what we will find. All of this, is of course, while solving a series of murders and trying to get Penelope off the hook for Grand Theft Larceny. It was a quick enjoyable read. And, I really liked the conversations Penelope and Jack had about their different uses of language and slang (something that was lacking in the first book and worried me a bit). This book proves the author has meshed those eras and their languages well.

Having said that, as a mom, I wished an incident with Penelope’s child had not been glossed over so much. In addition, at this point, I would like to see Penelope develop a love interest of some kind (other than Jack).  Also, Pen doesn’t seem to be as worried about being arrested as I would think someone would be. She never consults a lawyer and there is no mention really of the charges being dropped other than we know the police know she didn’t do it.

So, with those minor caveats, it was good. I will definitely read the next one. Happy Reading to you!


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  1. sounds like another good one in this series, I need a kick in the butt or something to get me to continue with this series myself. 🙂

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