A Christmas Carol

Today’s blog post is by guest writer Shelly Cormney.

Charles Dickens was a very famous author. He wrote several books that are still popular today. One of his most popular books is A Christmas Carol. This book was first brought to the public in 1843 and is still enjoyed during today’s Christmas season. This book is #89 on the 1001 book list. This is a short book that tells a very powerful story about love and giving during the Christmas season. A small group of characters make this book worth reading. Ebenezer Scrooge is the main character and we see his life in different part through traveling to the past and looking towards the future. We also see the dead ghost that Scrooge spent most of his life working with. They were business partners and friends. We also see Scrooge relive moments with past and present family members and business partners. Not only do we see Scrooge with living people that he has a connection to but we also see him being visited by ghosts that center on past, present and future Christmases.

When the book starts off it tells that Marley (the person Scrooge used to work with) his been dead for many years. This is an important point for the story because Marley’s ghost visits Scrooge soon after the book begins and it scares him. Before Scrooge is visited by Marley’s dead ghost, he is paid a visit by his nephew named Fred. Fred tries to be nice to Scrooge and asks him to come to Christmas dinner. Scrooge does not like Fred and is mean to him. People collecting money for charity also come to visit Scrooge and he is very rude to them and tells them that people who can’t take care of themselves should go to the poorhouses or prisons. He does not give them any money.  During this part in the book we also get to meet Bob Cratchit. He works for Scrooge and is also treated badly.

The action of the book begins when Scrooge thinks he sees the face of Marley appear in the door knocker in the dark building where he lives. Scrooge does not believe that this is real at first and goes about his business but double checks things. Scrooge lives in a cold and dark building but he does not mind because cold and dark make living cheap. Scrooge tries to rest for the night but Marley’s ghosts visits him and scares him. Marley is tied to chains because he treated people badly before he died. He tells Scrooge that he will have chains when he dies because he has done the same thing to people. Marley also tells Scrooge that three ghosts will come and visit him over several days. Scrooge does not like this but Marley goes away.

Scrooge went to sleep but got woke up by the first ghost. This ghost was going to show Scrooge how he had spent Christmas in the past. Scrooge had to follow the ghost and by touching the ghost he could fly and the ghost took him through the wall and they ended up in the country.  This ghost told Scrooge about his past at school when he was a child and what happened at one Christmas. Scrooge got to see his sister at this point in the story. This made him sad. The next place the ghost took Scrooge was his first job to see his boss give a Christmas party.  Scrooge was happy to think about this part of his past but it became clear that Scrooge was concerned with work. Scrooge was also in love with a girl but it did not work out because of money problems. Scrooge then asked the ghost to not show him any more of his past. The next ghost shows Scrooge what is going on at the present Christmas.  This makes Scrooge upset because they go to two places. They go to Fred’s house and Scrooge sees that the people are making fun of him. They also go to Bob’s house and Scrooge sees how poor they are and how hard they have it because Bob has a lot of children and one of them is very sick. Scrooge asks if the little boy will die and the ghost says maybe. Bob’s wife does not like Scrooge but Bob wants to thank him for the feast. The last ghost shows Scrooge what is going to happen in the future on Christmas. Scrooge sees that he is going to die and nobody is going to care. This makes him very upset. But he wakes up in his own bed and realizes that the ghosts only took one night so he did not miss Christmas. The ghosts make Scrooge want to turn his life around. He starts being nice to Bob and giving him more money and he goes to visit Fred and his family for Christmas. He gives money to the poor.

This book gives people a lot to think about at Christmas because most people don’t like to give away their money but it is important to help those they don’t have enough. It is also important to be nice to people and see your family at Christmas. 

Thanks, Shelly! Happy Reading. 


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