Accessory to Murder by Elaine Viets

Last week I read the first in Elaine Viet’s Mystery Shopper series and discovered that the second in the series was not available for my eReader. So, I skipped ahead to Book 3 of the series: Accessory to Murder.

The product description reads: Someone has killed Halley Hardwicke, the hot young designer of thousand-dollar Italian silk scarves, in the mall parking lot-and police have their eye on Jake, the husband of Josie’s best friend Alyce. The couple lived near the wrap maven, but it seems Halley and Jake were a little too neighborly.

So Josie decides to do what she does best to help out her friend-go undercover and see if she can find some clues. Because this time, there’s a lot more at stake than a scarf, even if it’s to die for…

I liked this cozy a bit more than the first in the series. Josie, a single mother living basically with her own mother to save money, is friends with an affluent suburban housewife whose husband is accused of murder. Josie and Alyce have managed to stay friends despite their differences in class and style but Josie still doubts the husband who seems to have had an affair with the victim. She puts those doubts aside, though, for friendship and investigates Halley and her death to save Jake and Alyce.

This quick and easy read tackles racism for all of about two seconds when a black youth is arrested for the murder because he was running near the scene, and it tackles classism and class differences for most of the book because of the assumptions about each other and their lifestyles that both Josie and Alyce make. At times, it is hard to remember why they are friends and some of their conversations seem completely ridiculous. However, real life is sometimes like that, and Viets certainly has tackled that post-modern notion of contradictions in actions and beliefs. It wasn’t fabulous, but it was fun.

Until next time, Happy Reading!


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One response to “Accessory to Murder by Elaine Viets

  1. Sometimes fun is all we need in a book, not every book can be fabulous. lol!
    Glad you enjoyed this one more than the first, I’ll be sure to pick this series up again next year. I hope. lol

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