Literary Birthdays: James Michener

February 3 is the birthdate of James A. Michener (1907 – 1997), Pulitzer Prize winning novelist. And, while a quick look at my reading list might tell you that I really, really prefer women authors, I have read several of Michener’s works. Most of them (and all of the ones I have read) are historical in nature and researched by a team of assistants.

His works of fiction include:

Tales of the South Pacific (1948)–won Pulitzer Prize
The Fires of Spring (1949)
The Voice of Asia (1951)
The Bridges at Toko Ri (1953)
Sayonara (1954)
Hawaii (1959)
Report of the County Chairman (1961)
Caravans (1963)
The Source (1965)
The Drifters (1971)
Quality of Life (1971)
Centennial (1974)
Chesapeake (1978)
The Covenant (1980)
Space (1982)
Poland (1983)
Texas (1986)
Legacy (1987)
Alaska (1988)
Journey (1988)
Caribbean (1989)
The Eagle and the Raven (1990)
Mexico (1992)
Recessional (1994)
Miracle in Seville (1995)
Matecumbe (2007)

If you only have time for one, I recommend Centennial. Happy Reading!


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