Top Ten Witchy Chicks

The term “witchy chicks” originally comes from the Witchy Chicks blog, which describes themselves as “Eight wicked good women who write about magic, fantasy, and the paranormal.” The blog itself is no longer posting,  but the archives are available.

I am using the term “witchy chicks” to refer to women who write about witchy women as their main characters. Some of the characters are witches, some wiccans, some just gifted with paranormal abilities. These authors are in this category for their non-urban fiction work. And, some of their books and series are better than others. Authors with asterisks have been associated with the Witchy Chicks Blog at some point or another.

Madelyn Alt*

  • The Trouble with Magic (2006)
  • A Charmed Death (2006)
  • Hex Marks the Spot (2007)
  •  No Rest for The Wiccan (2008)
  • Where There’s a Witch There’s a Way (2009)
  • A Witch in Time (2010)
  • Home for a Spell (2011)

Juliet Blackwell

  • Second-hand Spirits (2009)
  • Cast-off Cove (2010)

Annette Blair* (She has the most and the most interesting in this category!)

Accidental Witch Trilogy

  • The Kitchen Witch (2004)
  • My Favorite Witch (2006)
  • the Scot, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2006)

Triplet Witch Trilogy

  • Sex and the Psychic Witch (August 2007)
  • Gone with the Witch (May 2008)
  • Never Been Witched (Feb 2009)

 Vintage Magic Mysteries

  • A Veiled Deception (2009)
  • Larceny and Lace (2009)
  • Death by Diamonds (2010)

Barbara Bretton

  • Casting Spells (2008)
  • Laced with Magic (2009)

Shirley Damsgaard

  • Witch Way to Murder   (2005)
  • Charmed to Death   (2006)
  • The Trouble with Witches  (2006)
  • Witch Hunt   (2006)
  • The Witch Is Dead (2007)
  • The Witch’s Grave   (2008)
  • The Seventh Witch   (2010)

Yasmine Galenorn*

  • Ghost of a Chance   (2003)
  • Legend of the Jade Dragon (2004)
  • Murder under a Mystic Moon   (2004)
  • A Harvest of Bones   (2005)
  • One Hex of a Wedding   (2006)

Christine Feehan

The Drake Sisters

  • Magic in the Wind
  • The Twilight Before Christmas
  • Oceans of Fire
  • Dangerous Tides
  • Safe Harbor
  • Turbulent Sea
  • Hidden Currents

Candace Havens*

  • Charmed and Dangerous
  • Charmed and Ready
  • Charmed and Deadly

Heather Webber (these are more “psychic” and less witch, but there are hints that it might be more “witch-like” in the future)

  • Truly, Madly
  • Deeply Desperately

Linda Wisdom*

  • 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover
  • He Appeal
  • Wicked By Any Other Name
  • Hex in High Heels
  • Best Hex Ever
  • Give me Your Best Hex


Tomorrow, I will continue this theme by posting about other paranormal books / authors that I like. Until then, Happy Reading!


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One response to “Top Ten Witchy Chicks

  1. Great list! I read a couple of Madelyn Alt’s books and just couldn’t connect with the characters and stopped after the 2nd.

    I love both of Juliet Blackwell’s series..what a great new cozy author. Shirley Damsgaard is a favorite also.

    I’m definitely keeping this list handy and plan to check out the authors I haven’t read before. These are my types of books.

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