Book 223: Wings of the Dove by Henry James

I originally began this blog to chronicle my 1001 Books Challenge, but I found that I was reading more for fun than for enlightenment! I am happy to have a post for the challenge today. Today’s post is by a guest blogger who has written about Book 223 of the 1001 Books Challenge as extra credit for one of my English courses.
Book 223: Wings of the Dove by Henry James
by Rhonda Page
The novel “The Wing of the Dove “written by Henry James in 1902, is about the main character of the story named Milly Theale. Milly was loved by many people that respect her life from her generosity and help to others that she was fond of until she died from as sudden illness. Millys’ character is based on Miany Temple who was James Henrys’ beloved cousin that died from tuberculosis in which Henry is truly sadden by. The title “The Wings of the Dove” was James way of wrapping his cousins’ memory in the beauty and dignity of art.
The novel continues on about Kate Cory and Merton Densher who are two engaged people from London that wants to get married with no money because they are both in poverty. This issue that Kate is upon is caused from family situations causing her to live with her aunt Maud Lowder that provided for her while in need. Milly Theale who was a wealthy American young lady fell in love with Densher previously, but she never said anything about it. Kate and her aunt welcomed Milly to London when she entered their lives as a traveling companion who enjoys good social interactions. While in London Milly went to see a physician because that is non-curable and she fears for her life. Kate begins to become worried for Milly, Densher met Milly in America but he had then returned back to London to find his heiress. Kate made sure the Densher focused on Milly and Densher didn’t know why but it was because he didn’t know how wealthy Milly was but Kate did. Kate was careful to stay quit to Milly and other people that she and densher are engaged. Milly decided to travel to Venice with her confidante and companion Mrs Stringhaw, Aunt Maud, Kate and Densher that follows along.
On a plane they were all off to a party that Milly gives in Venice Palazzo, although Milly knows she’s terribly ill she feels that she had to attend for the last time. Kate finally reveals her complete plan to Densher, that he has Densher demands that Kate consummate their affair in order to continue on with the plan. Unfortunately Milly finds out about the plan and passed away, but still leaves him a large amount of money although she found out about the deal that he and Kate had. Densher does not like tainted money and decide not to take the money and for Kate to do the same, but if she choose the money he wanted to break up with Kate because he didn’t want money to out weigh the love between them “ We shall never be again as we were “, he stated.

Thanks, Rhonda, for sharing this book with us. Happy Reading!


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