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The Reinvented Miss Bluebeard by Minda Webber

On a recent trip to Preschool Story Time at my local library, my daughter pulled this book off the rack near the “check out” counter as she waited for me to check out my books. I have a fascination with all things paranormal and all things fairy tale (which I love to critique). So, it caught my attention and I added it to check out pile.

The Reinvented Miss Bluebeard (2007) by Minda Webber is described on the back cover with:

Kooks, Spooks & the Infamous Dr. Bluebeard: When your father is not only an infamous pirate but the husband of six vanished wives, respectability’s hard to come by. That’s why Eve invented herself a husband. How else was a nineteenth-century girl to follow her dreams and become one of those newfangled psychiatrists? Certainly she’d never be running The Towers, London’s preeminent asylum for potty paranormals. She wouldn’t be seeing famous patients such as Frederick Frankenstein (he has a screw loose) and treating Jane Van Helsing’s blood phobia. But now, wackier than the werewolves and loonier than the leprechaun she is already treating, something new is taking shape—and he has the name of her never-before-seen husband and a body to drive a girl absolutely batty . . .

The wild mishmash of history, fairytale, and literary characters and plots was tangled enough that several readings would probably be needed to bring them all to light. Webber’s clever literary and psychological references kept me interested and amused. This was great. It was the funniest thing I have read in a very long time. Clearly, Webber is well-read and well-learned. Evidently, Webber writes these kind of books often, and I will be adding her to my “author’s to watch” list.

Happy Reading!


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