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Rick Riordan’s The Lost Hero

One of my favorite genres to read for fun is “young adult.” I love Meg Cabot books, and Book 5 in the Harry Potter series is one of my favorite books of all time. This summer, I had the pleasure of buying and watching the film Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightening Thief. I loved this movie so much that I bought all five Percy Jackson books. These books share many characteristics with others in the quest genre (think Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc.). However, they focus on the mythology of the Ancient Greeks as passed down to use through the works attributed to Homer. The mythology is represented accurately, so readers get more than just the stories of the contemporary characters (which are plenty good enough alone); they also learn about western culture and our mythos through Riordan’s writings about the ancient Greek gods and goddesses. I loved every minute of this series, and I was very sad to end it.

However, Riordan began a new series that picks up where the Percy Jackson series leaves off with The Heroes of Olympus. This series focuses on incorporating Roman mythology into the Greek stories in the same way that society did when the Romans followed the Greeks (historically) and the rest of us (in the western world) have been descendants of one or the other or the “victims” of trying to assimilate both. The young men and women of this series must assimilate the two worlds with respect for both cultures and traditions and respect for their differences.

The Lost Hero is the first book in the new series The Heroes of Olympus. This series introduces three new main characters: Jason, Piper and Leo. This book is told from a third person point of view alternating between each of these three characters. Most of the story focuses on Jason¸ who wakes up with amnesia as the boyfriend of Piper and best friend of Leo. The students are attacked and must escape and make their way to camp Half-Blood where other demi-gods are trained and protected. There they discover the quest they must complete: rescue Hera. Along the way, they encounter Boreas, the North Wind, Cyclops, werewolves, Midas, and Aelous the Lord of the winds.

This book is packed full of action, mythology, young adult romance, and adventure. I loved this book on its own, but for readers who enjoyed Percy and cast, it will be both a fun read and visit with familiar characters and friends.

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