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Cozy Mystery Challenge

The Cozy Mystery Challenge begins today! Read 6 cozies between April 1 and September 30.

  • Learn more about the challenge here.
  • Learn what Cozy Mysteries are here.

Authors I’ve read recently and enjoyed in this genre are Joanne Fluke (cooking themed / with recipes) and Annette Blair (witch themed) and Madelyn Alt (also witch themed).

For my first book of the challenge, I will be reading Laura Childs’s Keepsake Crimes (2003), the first in a scrapbooking-themed series featuring Carmela Bertrand. I will keep you posted on my progress in the challenge.

Happy Reading!



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Annette Blair’s Triple Witch Trilogy

 In my “reading for fun” time, I have just completed the Triple Witch Trilogy by Annette Blair. I have really enjoyed these light hearted romances with a “witchy” twist, though I will say that since much of my reading for pleasure lately has been “cozy” mysteries, the sex scenes can get a bit steamy!

 (Spoiler alert: the following gives full details of the books that you may not wish revealed before reading)

 This series is a continuation of the “accidental witch” series (of which I have read 2/3). Here, the triplet sisters of Vickie from The Scot, The Witch and the Wardrobe (who, by the way, are both witches and psychics) get their men.

 First, we have Harmony in Sex and the Psychic Witch. Harmony has a vision of a woman in a dress and a castle and finds a ring. She sees this as her psychic mandate to find the castle and figure out what is going on. There, she travels to Paxton’s Island and meets the owner (of island, including castle, windmill, and lighthouse) King Paxton who really doesn’t believe in psychics, witches, or love. But, his castle is haunted and his child and grandchild need a home. King wants to sell the castle, his albatross, but the women in his life resist. The only way to make peace is to excise the castle ghost and some old baggage. Eventually, King figures it out and settles down with his newly made family in “harmony” with Harmony at Paxton’s Castle.

 Storm is the next sister, and her book is entitled Gone with the Witch. Having spent her life as the “troublemaker” or the storm to her sister’s “harmony,” she has a lack of self confidence that is really ready to crack when she meets the mom who threw her (and the sisters) away. Maybe because of this mother desertion, Storm’s psychic mandate appears to be tracking down crying babies to rescue. Because every time she nears King Paxton’s friend Aiden she hears a baby cry, she kidnaps Aiden to track down the source of the cries. As the story unfolds, we learn that while Aiden enjoys a physical relationship with Storm, he (like King) is afraid of roots and of love because of his previous experience with his family and another woman. And, it is that experience that brings them together for the crying baby is his, and its mother is near death. As Aiden finds his child and love, he settles down with Storm at the Windmill Cottage on Paxton’s Island.

 Destiny is the last sister to find love in Never Been Witched. She stays behind as the others travel to Scotland to visit Vickie and Rory’s other home. She learns shortly thereafter that Morgan (a childhood friend of King and Aidan’s) has also stayed behind and that they both intend to spend the two weeks in the lighthouse on King’s island. As the story unfolds we learn that Morgan’s skepticism and debunking hobby stem from the loss of his twin at an early age and the consequences of that (a repressed family and becoming a priest). Morgan must learn to lighten up and live again before he finds his “destiny” with his triplet in the lighthouse on Paxton’s Island.

 These quirky sisters and their slogan t-shirts (including “Orgasm Donor”) are fun and light to read about. There “positive energy only” life philosophies make the reading an escape from the real world for a short time. I hope you get a chance to step into their world for awhile.

 PS—I bought all three books for my Sony eReader at http://ebookstore.sony.com/.

 Happy Reading!


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